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The Shadow's Road Report

Brett Bergman

My Dark Friend called me while he was getting some windshield time on I-80. His CD player was blaring Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" while he greeted me. After turning down the sound, he sipped a Diet Coke, maneuvered his big ride down the road and talked Iowa Football. At least he wasn't also eating in his SUV, which is really an ugly sight that I won't share.

1. What is going on with in state offensive line recruiting? Although it would appear to be a bumper crop of "Big Uglies" (as Hayden Fry called them) in Iowa, the staff has yet to pull the trigger on an offer to play for the Hawks. This does not mean that the staff does not like the upcoming senior group of Iowa high school linemen. The bar has just been raised. Look no further than the NFL Draft... Recommended Stories