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The Shadow's Mid-Summer Report

My Dark Friend called me Sunday morning. I drove to Iowa City to hear some of his news and views on the upcoming football season. He sipped an iced tea at the Wig & Pen in between bites of a Chicago deep dish spinach pizza. Somehow he managed to talk to me while he was shoving everything down his piehole. He told me about a junior college transfer fullback, quarterback recruiting and also discussed depth at wide receiver.

1. Kirk Ferentz has told a friend of mine that he may play seven or eight freshmen this year. That's a sign of a quality group, not a lack of depth of the returnees. 2. Former West Des Moines Valley prep, Champ Davis will begin his Iowa career as a fullback. The current Plano, Texas resident is now about 6-2 and 210 pounds. So Champ will need some quality time with Chris Doyle to get the weight...