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Flying Blind: Calloway 'Officially' a Hawkeye

Flying Blind:  Calloway 'Officially' a Hawkeye

Ever heard of the phrase 'flying blind'? It's an aviation term that is applied to flying at night or in heavy clouds or fog, and you cannot see the air in front of you and you have to trust your instincts and instraments. Recent Iowa commit Kyle Calloway can appreciate such conditions after his work at Iowa's camp on Tuesday. Prior to working at at offensive line at the camp in front of the Iowa coaching staff, he had never played on the O-Line before. Now he is a Hawkeye. (MORE)

Imagine trying to pull off the lead role in a school play while never having read the script. Or think about what it would be like to drive a car if you had never had any instructions or training. That might give you an idea of the challenge that faced Kyle Calloway on Tuesday at Iowa's football camp. The 6-foot-7, 275-pound man-child from Belleville, Illinois (East) and his father had been... Recommended Stories