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Cronin: 'We are Preparing to be the Best'

OL Ben Cronin

The Iowa football team is fond of slogans. In 2002, it was 'Break the Rock'. Last year, it was 'Climb the Mountain'. This year, it appears there is a split between 'Build the Mountain' and 'Prepare to be the Best'. Ben Cronin sees it this way: "The slogans might change, but the goals never do. We will try to improve every week, and keep the tradition we have built moving forward." Read more of our media day conversation with the junior guard from Ames.

Some of the best ‘quotes' a reporter can get are from offensive linemen. It's no secret that many of them are quite articulate and highly intelligent. The demands of the position require such gray matter. Another thing that I have noticed over the years is that offensive lineman are also fond of using clichés. They do so quite well, and always have two or 15 of them ready to go. In my media... Recommended Stories

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