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Monday Morning Quarterback with Jared Clauss

Monday Morning Quarterback with Jared Clauss

Former Iowa Hawkeye Jared Clauss was a part of some of the best defensive units in Iowa history during his days in Iowa City, so it's tough to really impress him. But he came away quite impressed with the Iowa defensive from Saturday's win against Indiana. In fact, most of the aspects of the game were impressive to Clauss, from a Hawkeye perspective. Read his thoughts here....

Q: Let's start with the defensive line. I just saw a whooping taking place out there, and King and Kroul were almost ‘unblockable'. What did you see? Jared Clauss: I saw the same thing. By the end of the game, King wasn't even looking at his blocker. He wasn't concerned that the guy was going to block him; he was just getting in the backfield. Something I hadn't seen in a while; outside of... Recommended Stories

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