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Moeaki Pushes Richardson to Return

Moeaki Pushes Richardson to Return

It looks like curtains for the career of Iowa lineman Dace Richardson last season. But inspired by the special bond with longtime friend and teammate, Tony Moeaki, Richardson worked his way back to the top line of the Hawkeye depth chart. Read what Richardson said about his relationship with Moeaki and how he feels about being back in the action in the interview transcript.

Q: You were a guy that came in with a lot of attention. You were highly recruited. Did that make it tougher to come back with you being a guy people had high expectations for? Dace Richardson: It was a little tougher just from the standpoint that I wasn't playing with my teammates. They had an amazing year last year and I was just there supporting them, trying to help out the younger guys. It was... Recommended Stories

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